When a straight girl, a crossdresser, another straight girl and a bisexual walk into a bar.

Well its been a while since I have continued my story so thought it is way past time to continue on…

After my now ex-wife and I separated I moved into a little place by myself and started to wear lingerie going to bed and around the house. After a few weeks one of my workmates moved in with me as he had separated from his wife. Once again I had to hide the feminine side of me.

I dated a few girls and kept this side of me hidden as was worried about being rejected and ridiculed. So I kept on dressing in secret whenever I could. Eventually I built up the courage to buy a bra and knickers in my size which was a mission in itself trying to work out what size I was. Once I had worked out my size I brought more lingerie from time to time. One day having some dutch courage I brought my first dress and pair of shoes. It was such a rush and couldn’t wait to get home and get dressed up. took some photos and hid them on the computer so they weren’t easy to find. One day I told a girl that I had been going out with in high school about the feminine side of me. She said really? your joking aren’t you? I told her no and sent her a pic. She said I looked ok and offered some advice which I definitely needed as I have very little fashion sense. to my amazement she said she would love to go shopping with me and help me pick out some clothes and shoes for me, but as we live in different states it never happened.

After going on a few dates with some “physcos” I deleted my profile off the dating apps on fb and of various sites. With doing this I started to really consider my sexuality. Was looking at the different surgery options and what had to go through to be able to actually have the surgeries. So I started looking into other options like just staying as a crossdresser or getting something like a product called Femme skin, but as this product is very expensive I didnt get it. So I decided to just continue crossdressing.

After quite a few months I decided to reactivate one of the apps on fb and within a very short time I had a new match. We met up for coffee and have hardly been apart since, but more of that to come in the next blog… hopefully not to much further in the future.

Gabrielle xx


Hi all.


Thought it was time I continued my story of how I become to be the woman I am today.

Sorry for the long post……

As I said in the end of my last post my GF didn’t like the fact that I wore women’s lingerie and I told her I wouldn’t do it again.  Well we eventually got married and for the first few years I kept the urge to dress at bay. My wife wasn’t one to dress in sexy clothes, she was more of a tomboy.  One day while she was out I decided enough was enough and wore some of her stockings, it felt so good. It was then that I decided I wasn’t going to stop wearing women’s clothes anymore. I started to wearing stockings under my normal clothes to work and every other opportunity I got ( which was really only when I was home by myself ).

As time went by she caught me one day wearing her stockings and we had a massive fight ( she just yelling at me and me sitting there) and eventually when she calmed down and we talked about she agreed that I could wear them as long as they weren’t visible to her. As much as I wanted to get fully dressed up as a girl, I had to be content with this little victory for now. As she finally got a job and I got to spend more time at home by myself I started trying on more of her clothes and started to try to see what I would look like fully dressed.

In this time we owned a horse and as she is a confident rider she wanted to teach me how to ride. I had previously come off her horse so was worried about learning to ride on it as it was a BIG horse ( 16.2 H ). One of the other lady’s at the aggistment centre that was meant to be retraining our horse, let me use one of hers to learn on. My wife said I looked so uncomfortable on the horse as I couldn’t grip with my legs properly and she let me wear some of her jodhpurs to learn to ride in. I thought bit contradictory that she hated the idea of me wearing women’s clothes but she would let me wear them. I guess it suited her purpose so it was ok.

This lasted until she fell pregnant with our first child. We ended up selling the horse and moved in with my parents as we were struggling a bit financially. we lived with my parents for about a year until we were back on our feet again. During this time had no opportunity to dress at all 😦 .   I changed jobs and we moved in with her sister out the other side of town. (my wife hated my parents)

We eventually brought our own house and after about 2 years of living with other people we had a place of our own. Chance for me to dress again 🙂  We lived there for a while with having problems in our marriage. She eventually said that she want to move back to Sydney to be with her family. I could understand her wanting to be nearer to her family but she knew I had a fantastic job and was on my way to being promoted and getting higher in the company. While we were deciding about what we were going to do the company announced they had lost the contract and were going to be closing down. My wife said she was moving to Sydney no matter what and she gave me two choices.. stay in Adelaide until they closed and then move to Sydney. or quit and move to Sydney straight away. I had suspicions she had already cheated on me and to me it was a no brainer choice. We worked out when we were going to move to Sydney and then I handed in notice at work that I was leaving. ( in doing so threw away so much and if I knew then how things would turn out. I might of stayed).

We moved to Sydney and lived with her parents for about 6 months while I tried to get a job. Was so unusual for me not to be working as I had always had a job from the time I had finished my TAFE course. Eventually I got a good job and we started renting our own house. After we had moved in it dawned on me that something was missing and at first I couldnt work it out and as soon as I dressed for the first time I knew what it was ( It had been almost a year since I had dressed in anything feminine at all )

Without going into details, We had a lot of issues with our marriage and I questioned my sexuality (as I enjoyed dressing as a woman) as she wasn’t attracted to me anymore. well what she told me was she didn’t feel sexy anymore so she wasn’t intimate with me. The more she stayed away the more I experimented with cross-dressing. I had come to acceptance that it was a part of who I was and only suppressing the desire to do it made the desire stronger.

I continued dressing every opportunity that I could for the rest of the time that were where together. When she left the only thing I managed to take before she moved all of her clothes out was her wig and some old clothes she hardly ever wore..nothing really sexy.


More to come in.. between marriage and meeting my fiancee.

Hope you enjoyed the read



Well how do i start.  I met my fiancee GABRIELLE on FACEBOOK lol….it’s true….on one of the dating websites.  We just clicked straight away.  Damn i am the luckiest woman ever, he is so thoughtful, kind, considerate you name it he is it lol.  Then about 6 months into our relationship he sits me down on the bed and says he needs to speak to me…ohhhh nooo my mind being female was going crazy, he dosent wanna be with me anymore or he wants to be with his ex wife again…so I was waiting for it the big speech..its not you it’s me.  Poor babe was nervous, he says to me that he likes to wear womens clothing…my response lol was IS THAT IT!!!!!!, poor thing g (is what is call her) was looking a little confused, shit here is me thinking that he wanted to end it all with me…


I have never met a crossdresser before, I dont know what emotions and feelings they go through but, all I know is that …I see what is on the inside of G…well lets just say shopping is always fun lol.. and gets to the point now that G can out shop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have totally 100% accepted G for who she/he is LOVE THEM SO VERY MUCH.


I am not really very good at writing these sorts of things but, will do my best to write as much as i can. So here goes.


I see Gabrielle struggling everyday with herself emotions and feelings .  She just wants to come out and tell everyone but, sadly there is just too much prejudice out there and my brother being one of them. Gabrielle’s parents being strict religious folk, its hard for G to say anything so to keep the peace G is quiet.  At first when i was told of course i was shocked my first reaction even though i accept the CD  my mind went DAMN HE WANTS TO BE A WOMAN…just when i finally meet my partner for life (selfish i know but, i could not help it).  G told me that an operation to be female was not on the cards and that dressing up was the thing that she likes to do, ok well lets just see hmmm….About a month after I was told of the CD,I remember an instance when we were preparing to  moving into Samanatha’s place (we boarded there for about a year and half), that G was sorting through some bags which were stored in the shed…wondering what they were i asked and G said dress up clothes…you see Gabrielle was not ready to show me the full dress up..she quickly grabbed the bags and threw out what she had stored…I think it was then that i decided i needed to see her. I wanna see MISS GABRIELLE.


It started with giving a manicure on the hands and toes and painting the toes nails any color she wanted. And boy does G like to be pampered lol!!…Then came the lingerie, stockings and finally heels 🙂  G was finally starting to show… Cause to tell you the truth G can be so manly HONEST!!!! The muscles, the strength …how can someone be so manly and yet so feminine at the same time?

And then came the time for Gabrielle to show herself, kinda nervy for the both of us…And my make up skills sucked lol….G didnt know how to do make up so i said “sure”…..And finally when the wig came on OH MY she is a stunner!!!! I saw the feminine side of my lover….phew i was getting hot!!(not trying to turn it sexual) but, shit she turned me on lol….. best sex we had ever at that stage hehe…


Well that is it for now…..Shall continue the next blog soon…. DISCOVERING MAKE UP….


Jane xxxxxx




One of the biggest changes I have undergone with Adam and Gabrielle coming out is that it made me look at myself. It was a key conversation I had with Gabrielle where she stated the specific color of her nail polish. Which for me seemed like a strange knowledge. My first words were ‘don’t think you can talk about all that girly stuff with me’. After this I thought about it ‘why was I not girly’ I used to be.

I realized that the older I got the less girly I had become. I also thought about when did this start. I started remembering growing up. From the age of 7 years old I had men pay me attention in a way they shouldn’t. I was 7 years old when I was molested by a family friend then also in the same year I had a friends brother wanting to play mums and dads which involved the whole act. I was clueless how to explain to adults what happened so did not tell anyone until years later. Then once I hit puberty the attention became worse. I was about 13 when doing a paper run I walked past a house with two men on a roof one yelled out for me to show him my tits. His mate then slapped him and said ‘shut up that’s Bobs daughter. It had been one of my dads mates. So at this point I started to wonder what was wrong with me. Why did these men look at me this way. So I started wearing the baggy clothes and stopped trying to draw attention to myself. Well at least I thought it was working until my uncle called me a cock tease. I was 14 and had no idea what I was doing to even have my uncle or any man look at me like that.

So I focused my attention on my then boyfriend and he was the only one I could be comfortable with and be girly. I look back now and was oblivious who was looking at me or even how they looked at me. But having reconnected now with some of my old school friends I started to discover even when I thought I was being invisible I was still being noticed.

The other aspect of my I am who I am now is my perception of sex. When I was 15 years old I asked my dad to tell me something about my mum whom I had not seen since I was 3. My mum and dad had separated and we had no contact with my mum. And all I was ever told about her were negative things or just nothing at all as my dad especially would not talk about her at all. So on about 15 minutes of pondering my dads words were ‘she was good in bed’. This was the only thing that he could say nice about her. So from that day on I swore that I would be known to partners and ex’s as more than just a good root.

So here I am today after two failed marriages and now with a man who is bisexual and has now explained that he also crossdresses and thinks that one day he may want to go all the way and become a women. Some would ask why would I want to be with someone like this. But my simple answer is he is the first man I have ever been with that has not used or expected me to be a sex object. We have a great sex life but there has never been any expectation. He sees me for who I am not for what is between my legs. For this I love him more.

So now I am a woman who is strongly independent, I hate seeing girls thinking the only way than can get a guys attention is to spread her legs. There are men out there who have that as their only focus and I blame the girls the are always happy to oblige and then whinge afterwards because he has not called. Well love he got what he wanted why would he stick around. I am not talking from a prudish point of view because I have been there. I think the day that a guy I was seeing, who I knew was only a fuck buddy, rolled over the next morning and asked was I leaving now. That was the day I remember my dad opinion of my mum and thought. That’s it I did this to myself. I refuse to ever let anyone make me feel like a piece of shit again. This was the day I stopped the one night stands.

So really to sum it all up. With Adam and Gabrielle coming out. I have realized that I need to stop being scared to be a woman. I am loved and secure and I have a partner that loves me no matter what. So bring on the nail polish, Lacey clothes and start appreciating being me and watch Adam grow to appreciate who he is.

So now it’s been a few weeks since the ‘great revelation’ (this is what I now like to call it as it sounds very grand and life altering) and I am proud to say that Adam and I are even closer than before. But this did not come easily and still has its up and down days. Well at least for me.

Once I first had the conversation with Adam and he said very definitely that ‘he is bisexual’ I was at first relieved that my instincts were correct. Right from when we first started to get close I had always felt that Adam was very evasive about his life. I knew that he had grown up in a rough way so knew that pushing to hard to know things would effectively make him pull away. So I stayed focused on the here and now and figured that when he was ready to talk to me about the past I would be waiting.

So once I had the confirmation I was relieved. But the opportunity to ask any questions was not available straight away as both Adam and I have clashing work schedules where I am home when he is at work and I head to work when he is getting home. So he told me half an hour before he was heading to work for the week.

So then I did what a typical female does and thought about it. Which as some people would know can be dangerous. Through all the ups and downs I never doubted my love for Adam and some of the insecurities I followed with where based on fear of losing him. But I came across a fantastic blog that is written by a bisexual man who wrote about a women reaction to their man coming out as bisexual called bitheway it spoke about the common reactions a women has and that most of it is based from insecurities. Which at first was hard for me to hear as I pride myself for being extremely independent and not effected if people were or were-not in my life. But the blog was right. I had been so scared of losing him. Once we had a chance to talk we both realized that we were worried each other was going to walk.

Ao the first if my insecure thoughts were that Adam had been with other men or women while with me. Now I am someone who is proud to say that I have a great intuition and with any previous relationship I have always known when something fishy was going on. But with Adam I had never felt that niggling instinct spread its wings inside my mind. But here all of a sudden I had this stupid thought. Once I confronted Adam he asked me why all of a sudden did I ask this. On reflection to his question I came to the conclusion that it came from my perception at the time of bisexual people. I assumed they were all players and sleeping with anything that walks. But again on further reflection and research I found more and more blogs and people that were bisexual and living in monogamous relationships. This helped me to really understand what being bisexual meant. I also came across a brilliant blog called Living with a Bisexual Man where he said this is still the same man you fell in love. It made me think he was right this was the man I fell in love with but now I understand him and his desires.

The next thing I worried about in one of my down days was ‘is he really attracted to me as I obviously don’t have a penis’. On discussions with Adam and all the reading I did they helped me understand that being bisexual means that they have an attraction to both men and women where as if he was gay then he would only be attracted to men.

The next insecurity I had after that was ‘I obviously don’t have a penis so will he miss it one day and leave me for a man’ with this one Adam was straight out blunt and said to me what is stopping me from chasing another man. My reply is I love him to much and am happy with him that I would not even consider this. To which his reply was well what makes you think I think any differently.

So as you can see this was not just a straight revelation and acceptance story and when you look at us and think wow she is all ok with this remember it has not always been easy and I am sure there will be many more days like this with all the adaptions that are taking place. All I can say is if I focus on the important things and they are Does he make me happy? Does he make me laugh? Does me make me smile? Does he treat me with respect? Does he love me? Do I love him? If I can answer yes to all of these then what his lifestyle choices and his desires are irrelevant.

Also if you are someone coming out to a partner the best advise I can give is take it slow. Don’t overload with information as your partner needs time to adapt. Think of it as being like teaching your kids sex education thats its best to start with only answering the questions they ask as giving them to much info can be too confusing. Also source some great info for them to read if they want to. It may help them understand the right questions to ask. Also connect them with people like me who are everyday people who are living with it. There are plenty of blogs and Facebook groups and support forums out there that can be a great source of information. Remember none of you are alone. There are many that have been in your shoes so just start asking.

Also anyone out there if you know of any great blogs or websites that have helped you then please send me a message or comment below so we can share the information around. In this blog I have also shared to extremely helpful, to me, blogs so please check them out as they may also help you too.

Hi, I am Gabrielle the cross dressing friend.

I have only recently told these close friends about this side of me…but will go back to where it all began

From about the age of 5 I grew up in a very religous household, going to church at least 3 times a week and sometimes more for kids or youth activities. getting taught that men are men and woman are woman. but….

When i was about 10 I was home alone for about 15 mins..being a curious little boy I went into my sisters room and looked through her clothes and my mind began to wonder what they would feel like to wear..but as I sat there thinking about it my parents came home so had to quickly get out of there.

A few weeks went by and I found myself still thinking about my sisters clothes and what they would feel like on. But because of the way i had been brought up i kept arguing with myself as to whether or not I should try them on. As the weeks went by the curiosity got the better of me. So as soon as i got left home again ( which was never for long as i was so young ) i raced into my sisters room and first thing I grabbed was a pair of stockings and put them on. Instantly I liked the feeling of them against my skin. As she had a few pairs I took them and kept them.

Not much more happened for about a year or so as very rarely got left home alone but as I had the one pair of stockings i use to wear them a lot as I was going to bed. they eventually got worn out..so when i could I would steal another pair of hers. This went on for a few years all the while my brain thinking about what other articles of clothing would feel like as well. As I was getting older I was starting to get left home alone for longer periods of time, meaning I had more chances to examine my sisters clothes and started experimenting with bras, tops, leotards. Liking the feeling more and more I stole a few of her items. wearing them in my own room whenever I got the chance.

Eventually boys being boys did something stupid and brought some gunpowder home that I had made at school. Left it to close to my Alarm clock which heated it up and ignited it. Luckily there was no one sleeping in my bed as I was at a church night to celebrate New Years Eve. My Mum turned up to pick me up just before midnight and said there had been a fire. Not knowing what had gone on I jumped in car and went home and when I got home found out fire had been in my room and they found all my secular music, cigarettes and lighters and all my sisters clothes. Luckily for me they didnt push the issue to much that night and my sister was acting like it wasnt a big deal that her clothes had been missing for a while

Needless to say with what my parents had found they didn’t trust me any more and never got left home alone for a while and a lock got put on my sisters door.. I went for quite a while without wearing anything feminine at all and boy did I miss it. Eventually there came a time when I was left home alone and my sisters door was unlocked and I managed to steal another pair of stockings.. I didn’t dare steal anything else. After a while I got a job and started earning my own money so I could buy my own stockings. I still remember the first pair I brought…felt like the store owner was looking me up and down and judging me..paid as quickly as I could and got out of there..kept going to same store and he ended up not looking at me sideways anymore.

I was about 16 at this stage and has had an apprenticeship and earning a little bit of money the easiness of having to buy stocking was not the issue…explaining where some of my pay had gone when I didn’t have enough to get through the week was the hard part. I guess you could say I was addicted to the feeling of stockings against my skin I started to wear them whenever I could..If it was a cold day would even wear them to work under my normal clothes, working on the car at home would just wear stockings and my overalls. This went on for a few years and started dating someone but could never tell them about what I did as She had been brought up in a very religious / spiritual house as well…

We dated for a few years and eventually got engaged..one day I told her a few things about me like me wearing womens lingerie and it broke us up for a while until I managed to convince her that I wouldn’t do it again. We eventually got married…

More to follow… in the marriage years

Hi my name is Samantha (Sam). This blog has been written to explain how the lives of a group of 4 peoples have now become an honest set of relationships.

If you were curious I am one of the straight girls. I have recently found out that the guy I have been living with for 1 1/2 years is bisexual. So how did I find out? I have two very close friend who are engaged. The girl is my best friend and the guy is Adams best friend. So one day Adams best friend posted on FB he had a secret and me being the typical nosey woman asked what it was. So he then sent me a picture of himself dressed in a dress. At first I thought he was having a lend of me. But when I talked to Adam about it he then said “its no joke, I know this for a fact”. Now it may have been a strange question that I followed with, but I had already seen some proof of what I had suspected on Adams email a gay dating site profile, I asked ‘so do you have anything to tell me’ to which at that point he said no.

So a few days later after I had started to wrap my head around my best friends fiance’s news I started questioning Adam again about my suspisions. The reason I had not asked him before was I had not been 100% sure about what it meant with what I saw or even how to bring it up. I figured it would come out when it needed to. After a timely hammering of questions Adam then answered the question I had always wondered. His reply brought an answer and many more questions. He said “I am bisexual”

So now I want to introduce Samantha (me), Adam (my boyfriend), Gabrielle (his best friend) and Jane (my best friend). I wanted to start this blog so we as a group could express ourselves and the changes we have had to endure. We would also like to be able to connect with people in similar situations and hear others opinions and share advise.

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